We integrate Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance considerations at each step of our investment process

Financing the sustainable assets of tomorrow

In the future, financial, social and climatic stresses will occur more often. At Rivage Investment, we select and stress-test investments that address environmental and social issues to ensure that we are helping to shape a resilient economy

Our philosophy: full ESG integration across all our business lines

We consider ESG methodology at the outset of the investment process, and implement ESG risk assessment throughout the process

Accessing raw data to better assess risk exposure
We are committed to conducting a thorough and rigorous in-house analysis of our investments, which is supported by comprehensive quantitative and qualitative data from third party expert providers, independent consultants, public databases, and a thorough technical and legal audit of all our investments
Continuous ESG training
Knowledge is essential to ensure that we stay in touch with the best techniques and latest methodologies available. Our team is frequently trained on various ESG topics by expert external consultants. Our ESG analysts are CESGA(1) and ABC(2) certified.
Transparent communication is necessary to ensure our accountability to our stakeholders. Beyond our regulatory obligations, we integrate in-depth data in ESG risk analysis, monitoring and engagement of our investments in tailored reports.
Rivage Investment is a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and we participate in ESG integration think tanks such as the Long-Term Infrastructure Investors Association (LTIIA)
  • (1) Certified ESG Analyst
  • logo ABC (2) Association Bas Carbone

A solid track record since our inception

Rivage Investment is proud to demonstrate a long track record of investing in the transition to a sustainable economy, starting with our first investment in renewable energy in 2014

Our roadmap to sustainability

ESG policy
Publication of Rivage Investment’s ESG charter
Signatory of PRI
Creation of an internal team dedicated to ESG
ESG Risk Analysis
Implementation of a new ESG risk rating methodology in our due diligence process
3 new data providers
Integration of 3 new expert ESG data providers into the due diligence and monitoring processes
Targets for compliance with Paris Agreements
Definition of Rivage Investment's objectives for compliance with the Paris Agreements
3 climate impact funds
Launch of 3 climate impact funds (Article 9)

To date*, we have contributed to:

Waste management: 7.7 Mt
total waste processed by our assets financed
Renewables: 5,500 MW
total power deployed by our assets financed
39,000 social housings
granted by our assets financed
Over 32 French hospitals
European taxonomy: €1.03bn
total investments contributing to climate change mitigation, and according to EU taxonomy
950,000 households
in low-density areas crossed by funded “Fiber-to-Home” projects
(*) as of 2021

Our aims for tomorrow

We seek to improve our ESG objectives every day, and try not to be satisfied with our past performance

Aim to comply with the Paris Agreement
Our ESG team is currently working on sector-by-sector emissions trajectories to reduce emissions from our investments throughout their lifecycle and ensure that they comply with the Paris Agreement by 2050
Rivage Investment's decarbonisation trajectory*

(*) Scope: Rivage Investment outstanding infrastructure debts