Claire Gobert

Claire is in charge of administrative, legal, financial and control processes within Rivage Investment. She previously spent most of her career working at the AMF (“Autorité des Marchés Financiers”), but also as a legal auditor, and as an independent consultant for the creation and management of asset management companies.

She has significant experience in the organization of asset management firms including regulations and compliance, as well as a solid understanding of investment fund accounting. She worked for Deloitte then joined the AMF in 2001 where she was in charge of regulations for investment funds, portfolio management companies, and custodians. After that, from 2006 to 2012, she became a consultant for the major asset managers in Paris working on organization and regulation assignments as well as project implementation and internal control mandates.

She has the CIIA (Certified International Investment Analyst diploma) and the DSCG( advanced diploma in accounting and management). She’s a graduate from the French Society of Financial Analysts (SFAF), the law faculty of Lille 2 (France) and the ICN Business School in Nancy (France).