Taking climate disclosures one step further

February 02, 2023

Put in place in 2015 during the COP21 by the G20 Financial Stability Board, the TCFD aims to make markets more efficient, and more stable and resilient economies as pertains to climate change. Its recommendations represent a common international framework providing investors with clearer information on their exposure to climate-related risks and opportunities so that they can make choices about their operations and the allocation of capital.

By publically supporting TCFD, Rivage Investment seeks to disclose in a transparent manner its efforts to align its activity with the objectives set by the Paris Agreement. Its first TCFD-compliant reporting will be published within the year 2023.

Led by the financial sector, the TCFD has received official support (as of December 2021) from over 1500 financial institutions, which were responsible for assets of $217 trillion.