Fostering inclusive hiring through mentoring

April 24, 2023

Promoting inclusive hiring through mentoring


Rivage Investment is committed to equal opportunities by setting up a mentoring program for young people from rural and priority city districts, in support of the government’s “1 young person, 1 solution” scheme.  Thanks to the partnership concluded with the “Article 1” association, participating employees will be able to contribute to the social and professional integration of the young people targeted by the association. In addition to the mentoring program, the partnership also includes:

  • Raising awareness of inclusive recruitment among managers during a training session led by Article 1 volunteers
  • The organization of a “job dating” in our premises in order to promote the recruitment of young people supported by the association
  • A financial contribution to the various programs carried out by the association for the year 2023

To find out more about the association’s work: