Rivage Investment supports the national theater La Colline

February 09, 2021

Support to the national theater La Colline and its operation “Au creux de l’Oreille” for long-term hospitalized patients

Rivage Investment, a specialist in the management of debt funds for the direct financing of infrastructure projects on the one hand and public entities and local authorities on the other, has already deployed €400 million towards French public hospitals. The HOPE fund, launched in early 2021 thanks to institutional investors who have commited us with more than €650 million in this strategy, strengthens this capacity to finance these essential establishments which have been on the front line in the fight against COVID 19.

The theater was also particularly affected by the pandemic, with performances ceasing for more than a year. The management and actors of the Théâtre National de la Colline realized that they could play a new role by reaching out by phone to audiences unable to attend performances; thus was born the “Au creux de l’Oreille” project, which is now being extended to long-term patients in public health institutions. At Rivage Investment, we have been convinced by this operation and wish to support it financially through this sponsorship initiative. Indeed, we allow long-term patients, often isolated, to break the monotony of their daily hospital life and to remain human thanks to these poetic and literary exchanges.

Au creux de l’Oreille” also helps young comedians who have been unable to practice their art for many months.

Rivage Investment is proud to support “Au creux de l’Oreille“, the Théâtre national de la Colline and the public hospital sector.