Rivage sets an ambitious Paris Agreement Alignment Target


In 2023, Rivage has undertaken to set ambitious targets for its infrastructure debt funds to ensure our continuous contribution to the collective efforts to reach global climate goals.

In order to set its alignment pathway to the Paris Agreement for its infrastructure debt funds, the current portfolio temperature was calculated by our Climate Data provider Carbone 4:

Number of projects assessed


Amount invested

EUR 4.5b

Une température cible sur notre portefeuille dette d’infrastructure à +1,8°C

Based on this initial assessment and with an unchanged underlying reference scenario, we expect to maintain an overall infrastructure debt portfolio temperature well-below +1.8°C by 2030 through the implementation of the following:

  • Launch of impact debt funds (Article 9) aligned with the Paris Agreement objectives;
  • Strengthening of our fossil fuel policy to exclude the entire value chain of the unconventional Oil&Gas (2023) as well as any development of new capacities for conventional Oil&Gas (2024), except for assets committed to a transitional pathway compatible with Paris Agreement Targets.


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