Acting for decent housing: preventing the deterioration of condominiums


As a player in the financing of social housing, Rivage Investment wanted to push its commitment further by developing a partnership with a major player in the fight against poor housing: the Compagnons Bâtisseurs, a French associative movement for popular education which has been working  for more than 60 years on home improvement, through Accompanied Self-Rehabilitation (ARA) and Accompanied Self-Construction (ACA) projects.

The most glaring forms of poor housing are currently located in the private sector, more particularly within disqualified housing estates. The proliferation of degraded condominiums is a real challenge at the territorial level, at the crossroads of social and environmental issues.

With this partnership, Rivage Investment wishes to contribute to the financing of an experiment on 4 co-ownerships in Garges, Béziers, Orléans and Marseille. This innovative project will make it possible to actively fight against unfit housing, while promoting social ties and preventing the degradation of the common areas inside buildings.